6 tips to move home with senior citizens

You must have heard that moving is one of the most stressful time anyone can ever come across in life.

You also must have heard that going through moving tips and planning the move in advance is the only way you can experience a stress-free home relocation.

But what if your ageing grandparents want to move? There might be a situations when they want to get closer to their grandchildren or they even might want to live closer to you for greater safety.

What should you do then?

This situation can be challenging and to tackle it rightly, follow these 6 tips.

      1. Communication is the key

        For seniors shifting from a place where they have lived for a long time would be nightmarish. Therefore taking to them would be comforting.

        Tell them how’s the new place going to be better for them. Discuss with them the positive aspects of moving to a new home. Also, push them so that they actively involve themselves in choosing the new place. If possible take them there a few times so that they become comfortable with the space before you move in.

        Remember talking through every concern and answering all their questions is definitely going to make them feel better.

      2. Plan the setting of there new home

        You have to try and keep the new house as familiar as you can for the seniors. This will make them comfortable.

        Have a prominent place for their favorite chair and sofa. Place everything from their cupbroad to their dining table similar to they way it was at their old house. This will make them feel homely from day one.

      3. Emotionally comfort them

        The one sure shot way to emotionally support your grandparents is to call your relatives during the move. Ask them to help you with packing. It might also be nice if your relatives stayed around for a while even cooked food for the family and so on. This will definitely act as a emotional support for them and will help them embrace the change positively.

      4. Help them downsize

        If your grandparents have stayed at the old place for a long time then it’s obvious that they must have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Many of these thing may not be useful and you should get rid of them. You can also donate to declutter if you like.

        If there are a few things that the seniors aren’t willing to throw away can be stored by hiring storage services which many moving companies now-a-days offer.

        But always be very careful about the moving company you choose.

      5. Make arrangements before you shift there

        There are a few things you should take care off ahead of time. Like you might have to research about the nearest doctor or super market which they would need.

        You should also let the nearest relative know about your arrival. These kind of things will help the seniors settle in easily.

      6. Hire a professional moving company

        The last thing you would want to worry about while moving with you elderly parents is carrying their furniture to the moving truck. This is why hire professional packers and movers who would take care about every detail of your move. This will also give you a chance to concentrate on comforting your the seniors rather than worrying about household items being transferred.

        Last but not the least try cheering them up during the move. If possible, take them for a little vacation when their household items are getting transferred. This will lighten up there mood and they will be ready to embrace the change.

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