Tips to make office moving fun and easy

Are you moving your office to a new location? Need help moving all your important documents and machines to the new office?

Moving office isn’t easy. You need to be extra careful about moving important documents and machinery.
You also need to make sure employees do not get stressed when moving.

To help make your office move simpler, here are 5 simple tips you can use.

  1. Schedule the move wisely

    No matter how well you plan the move, it is sure to cause some disruption. When deciding a date for moving, make sure you plan wisely. Don’t schedule the move close to the deadline of an important project. Also make sure you don’t have any important meeting scheduled just before or after the move. You don’t want your clients seeing your office in a mess, do you?

    Before finalising a moving date, have a meeting with all department heads. This will give you a clear idea of how much time each one will take to wrap up their work and start preparing for the move.

    To ensure that the move doesn’t cause too much stress to any of the employees, choose a date that is convenient for everyone.

  2. Hire professional packers and movers

    Office moves usually take time and needs to be executed with extra care. With so many people involved, managing them is also difficult. The best way to execute an office move is to hire professional packers and movers. Since they are experienced and have managed office moves many times, they can plan and manage your office move with ease.

  3. Connect utilities

    New office will need a new set up. Do you have an internet connection? Does the new office have a working intercom and telephone line? You will also have to check if all your machines are compatible with the electric sockets in the new office.

    Ideally, all of this should be taken care of before you move to the new office. This will not only save time, but will also make settling in simpler.

  4. Make sure your employees are comfortable

    Once you’ve moved to the new office, make sure your employees are comfortable. Adjusting to the new office, a new seating arrangement and the new set up will certainly take time. To make the transition simpler, ask your employees if there is anything they miss about the old office. Also ask if there is anything in the new office that’s bothering them.

    If possible, solve the problem.

    Making sure that your employees are comfortable with the change is important to ensure that their productivity isn’t affected.

  5. Inform your clients

    Even if clients don’t visit your office, you still need to inform them that you’ve shifted your office to a new location. They might need it for updating their records.

    Send out an email informing them about the change in address. You will also need to update your office address on business cards and letterheads. If you’re using your office address in your email signature, change that too.

    Moving office is not an easy task. But if you plan it right and hire good, professional packers and movers, it can actually turn into a fun experience for all your employees.

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